Onni is a great workplace

We can you offer diverse work assignments and opportunities to develop your career. Onni employees also get to enjoy various personnel benefits. By joining us, you will be doing meaningful work!

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Summer jobs

ONNI’s seasonal workers help our customers to live life to the fullest on their own terms. Our summer jobs are available for both fully qualified professionals and those without education in the health and social services industry.

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Practical nurse

Would you like to have a flexible job that adapts to all situations in life? With us, you become a dependable professional in the health and social services industry and help our customers live life to the fullest.

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Personal assistant

As an ONNI assistant, you are first fully trained at ONNI akatemia after which you go on to do meaningful work. The work adapts to your life situation and you are compensated with a competitive salary.

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Dental nurse and dental hygienist

ONNI is happy to welcome dental nurses and dental hygienists to our team. We have plenty of interesting job opportunities around Finland and numerous employment benefits.



ONNI nannies help families navigate their daily lives. ONNI is a flexible employer that lets you adapt your schedule as is best for you!


Home cleaner

ONNI’s home cleaners make a clean home for the elderly, families with children and other home cleaning customers. As a home cleaner, you get to see the results of your work immediately. 


Elderly companion

Would you like to help an elderly person in their daily routines? ONNI has temporary work for elderly companions on a regular basis. The job does not include home care or nursing work.

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As an ONNI nurse, you help our customers to live a good life at home. The work easily adapts to your life situation. Welcome to ONNI’s fun team of employees!

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Other care personnel

Here you can find all open vacancies for professional support persons, care assistants, social workers for families with children and Bachelors of Social Services. With ONNI, your workplace is at the customer’s home and you also get to enjoy our versatile employment benefits.

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Would you like to work at a health centre, a hospital or a private clinic and decide whether you work the day shift or on-call? We can offer a secure job and support your professional development.

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ONNI offers both short- and long-term temporary work for health centre dentists. We have vacancies in the public sector at various health centres.

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Would you like to work as a first-aider at ONNI? ONNI is a Finnish company and one of the biggest first aid operators in the country.

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Supervisor and expert work

ONNI provides a vantage point to the health and social services industry. We approach work with high energy and continuously reshape and improve our operations. 



Are you looking for an internship or apprenticeship in your field of study or would you like to have a part-time job while you study? Contact us!

We can offer you:


Great personnel benefits

We aim to be a work community that cares. In practice, this means that we offer substantial personnel benefits to ONNI employees. With us, you get to enjoy Tradeka group’s personnel benefits. They include, for example, significant discounts at Restel restaurants and sickness fund.


Full orientation

In addition to orientation given by a supervisor, you may use ONNI akatemia that includes comprehensive, high-quality orientation materials. Akatemia aims to make your first days at work smooth so that you can enjoy your work right away. You are not only supported by your supervisor but the whole ONNI team!


A responsible employer

We adhere to our values and improve work satisfaction and well-being at work with responsible actions. We build a work community that cares and lay a foundation for a good working life. We pay all our taxes to Finland and are truly dedicated in our work. Join us in building a good life together!

Frequently asked questions about ONNI

"ONNI’s values include trustworthiness, friendly approach and flexibility. They shine through in our daily work. We are known for our friendly approach and reliable work ethic.

Our friendly approach shines through in everything we do, for both our customers and our co-workers. We respect each other and our individual differences and take into account the needs and views of our customers and our co-workers. Our compassion, care and respect for others are evident in all our interactions.

Our work is based on trust. With trust, our everyday lives flow with ease, our customers remain happy and we form a tight-knit work community. We build trust every day with our actions. Our trustworthiness creates the foundation for everything we do. For our customers, it means improved service and more flexibility in their everyday lives. We do our best. We care. Each and every day throughout the year.

As flexible co-workers we help each other. We take into account the individual needs and circumstances of our customers and aim to be flexible without compromising on quality."

ONNI is a rapidly growing Finnish social welfare and healthcare company. ONNI is Med Group Oy’s marketing name. We are owned by the Finnish company Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy.

We have approximately 5,000 social welfare and healthcare professionals, and our revenue is approaching 90 million euros.

At ONNI, we use the following collective agreements:
  • Collective agreement for the emergency care services sector
  • Collective agreement for the health care services sector
  • Collective agreement for the private social services sector
  • Collective agreement for the real estate services sector

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